Posting Goods Issue for cross-company code Stock Transfer

I was doing some testing in the system for posting a cross-company code stock transfer. There were already several company codes to choose from, but none of the materials was used in more than one company code, so the first thing for me was to extend a material master into another plant. I did that using t-code MM01. There are several paths in the SAP menu, but one of them is Logistics -> Materials Management -> Material Master -> Material -> Create -> Immediately

For the purpose of my testing I created the following views: General Plant Data/Storage, Marehouse Mgmt and Accounting and decided instead of extending a material to create a new one copying it from another material and its If creating a new material you need to make sure you get it available for both the company codes, so here I also extended the new material to the other company code.

I am not yet ready to post my goods movement, but lets find out what will happen if I try to. I went to t-code MIGO. Again There are various ways you can get there via the SAP menu, I choose the following one: Logistics -> Materials Management -> Inventory Management -> Goods Movement -> Goods Movement (MIGO). After trying to post my goods issue the system gave me a message that there was no clearing account between the company codes that I was using. is saying that: "Clearing accounts are used to clear reconciliation postings in financial accounting..". Obviously, the next step is to set up this clearing account in... Customizing.

Executed SPRO and then Financial Accounting -> G/L Accounting -> Business Transactions -> Prepare Cross-Company Code Transactons

Then I choose which company codes I am making this customization for and entered some accounts:

I am going again to MIGO to try post the transaction. Another error message that stops me from posting the document saying that the account type the document is using is not allowed for this document type.

I went to Customization, this time to: Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Document Types -> Define Document Types for Entry View

then I choose the document type I am doing customization for:

and made the account type allowed for posting:

Another setting that the system asked for was the account determination for this transaction. The settings I made in Customization -> Materials Management -> Valuation and Account Assignment -> Account Determination -> Account Determination Without Wizard -> Configure Automatic Postings

I finally posted my document.

As I needed to have some inventory in stock before posting goods issue document, I used MIGO and in reference document choose "Other", in Movement type "561" - init.entry to unrestricted use to enter some initial stock in the supplying plant. I entered 100. My goods issue document was for quantity of 5.

The result of the goods issue I am able to see in t-code MMBE (Stock Overview)

The 100 pieces I entered in the supplying plant are now 95 in "unrestricted use", 5 pieces went to "on-order stock" in the receiving plant. The detailed display of the receiving plant is also showing 5 pieces as "stock in transit" and that is actually the result of the goods issue step in the stock transfer process.

Reference: clearing accounts